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Hey, I'm Valle.
Va Amato means ' It has to be loved' in italian.

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"Home isn’t a place. It’s you."

- Six-Word-Story, Meghan Hale (via herzmasochismus)

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in 4th grade we were making clay pots in art and our teacher kept saying “make them thinner! those are too thick they won’t work” so we made them thinner and when she put then in the kiln they all exploded and she told us it was our fault because we made them too thin and if that doesn’t describe the school system i don’t know what does

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That boy u just called racist? His mom took away his Beats Headphones last week. Think before u speak

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"Even at night
Where the sun does not shine
The flowers below
Will open and grow
Beneath the starry sky

They feast on moonlight
And the shine of falling stars
What a sight
Are the flowers of midnight


- Stephanie Atkin, Midnight Flowers (via wnq-writers)

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Broadway and spring

"I don’t understand why sex is more shocking than violence."

- Lea Seydoux talking about American films.  (via eau-trouble)

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New York (by sophiekeeble)